Technical work in the operation of enhanced 9-1-1 emergency communications system and computer aided dispatch system. .


Receives all incoming telephone calls for emergency law enforcement, fire and rescue services for unincorporated Gadsden County and routes calls to the proper authority.

Receives incoming non-emergency calls and routes to the proper authority or provides caller with requested information.

Receives complaints over the telephone; secures appropriate information from the caller; refers complaint via computer system to the dispatcher for processing.

Maintains communications with all law enforcement and other emergency units operating within the boundaries of Gadsden County. Monitors, receives and broadcasts calls on multiple radio frequencies; dispatches required units according to established procedures.

Relays information and messages to field personnel as required. Responds to inquiries from field personnel as to vehicle license tags, driver’s license information, vehicle registrations, warrants, names, criminal histories, and special services information such as wrecker services, technicians, and K-9 support. Enters, retrieves, and cancels information in the County, State, and National computer systems.

Monitors civil defense equipment as required and notifies proper authority of unusual or special warnings.

Performs routine clerical functions as assigned. Maintains various logs, records, and reports as assigned.

Utilize cross-reference materials and documents for transmit accurate locations. Operates TDD equipment (telecommunications device for the Deaf). May serve in the capacity of field training officer as assigned.

Performs other duties as assigned or as may be necessary for the effective and efficient operations of the Sheriff’s Office.

Performs operation of Gadsden County’s Emergency 911 telephone system, SMARTCOP software CAD module, fire paging system, multi public telephone system, law enforcement teletype systems, multi-channel computer driven radio system, and any other equipment required.


High School Diploma or GED; two (2) years responsible customer service work. Associate’s Degree or college coursework highly desirable. Must be able to type at the prescribed rate of speed. Must be certified with FDLE on operations of the FCIC/NCIC network.

Knowledge of extensive knowledge of county geography. Extensive knowledge of telephone answering techniques and radio dispatching policies and procedures. Extensive knowledge of governmental agencies and community service agencies at a sufficient level to direct callers to the appropriate authority.

Ability to communicate verbally in a distinct, clear, concise, controlled, and pleasant manner in a wide variety of circumstances with good dictation in a well modulated voice. Ability to type at a sufficient speed to accurately complete information for computer aided dispatch system. Ability to simultaneously communicate, interpret communications, and enters data into a computer terminal with speed and accuracy. Ability to understand oral and written instructions. Ability to sit for long periods of time. Ability to work any shift. Ability to handle irate and hysterical callers in a calm, courteous, and professional manner. Ability to work under stress and to exercise discretion and independent judgment in a variety of situations. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and an economically and ethnically diverse general public.

Skill in the use of telephone and computer equipment. Skill in hand and eye coordination.

Work Hours 12 Hour Shifts