The Gadsden County Jail Faith Behind Bars Reentry Program

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office is seeking Justice Assistance Grant funding through the US Department of Justice as part of its objectives to implement the Gadsden County Jail Faith Behind Bars Reentry Program to enhance public safety and successfully transition inmates back into the community.  The requested award amount is $27,594.  The award amount will be used to pay salary and benefits for the Program Coordinator.  The Program Coordinator will establish a working relationship between program participants, local community and faith based organizations and the court systems. 


Public Safety Records Management System and Computer Aided Dispatch with Automatic Vehicle Locator Project

Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) seeks funding to replace its public safety Computer Aided Dispatch with Automatic Vehicle Locator capabilities and Records Management System with one that more efficiently interfaces with its Jail Management System and Mobile Data Computers software.  The system will provide the ability to share data with other local law enforcement agencies and governmental entities.

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office goal is to eliminate its outdated stand alone systems and implement an automated system to manage and coordinate information in one shared location.  This will allow for the ability of critical information to be produced and shared within the county and with other federal, state and local government agencies.
Its current 22-year-old system, which is unreliable and inefficient, cannot   be upgraded due to vendor constraints. The purchase of new system hardware and software will allow the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office to achieve the following capabilities:

  • Field-reporting so officers can immediately enter incident and case information and access existing information;
  • Reporting real time data for determining trends and other important information for investigators;
  • Timely communication of information to other community agencies particular the courts and State Attorney’s Office;
  • Automated, annual Uniform Crime Reporting to the state government and the FBI Automated business processes with work-flow capability;
  • Efficient entry and location of information; and,
  • A flexible architectural platform that is easy to upgrade, expand and replace when new technology develops.

Coordination between law enforcement and public safety agencies at all levels of government is critical.  These agencies rely on the ability to process and communicate public safety data and information as quickly as possible. Having this ability enables the agencies to target proactive crime prevention strategies, respond to crime, to investigate criminal activity and promptly respond to emergencies manmade or natural disasters. This new system will be designed to be interoperable with other governmental agencies and upgradable to meet technology advancements in records management and Computer Aided Dispatch.



Digital Recording System

On August 11, 2010, the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Assistance award Gadsden County through the sheriff's office a grant for technological improvements. The Gadsden County Sheriffs Office will utilize the FY2010 JAG funds to purchase a new Digital Recording System. The recording system will enable the officers and dispatchers to improve the quality of recorded information while reducing the amount of time spent on clerical matters. Read More »


New Vehicles

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office continues to implement it Vehicle   Lease/Purchase Plan in 2010 by adding 20 new vehicles to its fleet.  This will allow the Sheriff’s Office to retire its older vehicles.  All proceeds from the auction will be remitted to the Gadsden County Board of Commissioners.


Jail Management System

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office has begun the installation of its new Jail Management System.   The new system requires a complete replacement of the old antiquated standalone system located at our jail facilities.  The automation of our jail processes will eliminate redundancy and reduce the error rate associated with manual data processing.   The new system will also decrease the amount of time spent during the booking of inmates.  It will give our court system and other Law Enforcement agencies instant access to inmate data.
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New Bullet-prof Vests

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office purchased 50 new bulletproof vests to replace the outdated bulletproof vests for all sworn personnel in an effort to fully equip them for service to the citizens of Gadsden County.


Summer Camp Success

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office has implemented its Cops n Kids Summer Camp.  This is a three year program funded by the US Department of Justice.  The program will provide 30 youths from Gadsden County the opportunity to attend a week long day camp all-expense paid. Click Here to see pictures from the cam
Date Posted: 9/1/10    


Patrol Vehicles get mobile Data Terminals Read more»

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office was awarded funding through the US Department of Justice to equip our Patrol Vehicles with Mobile Data Terminal to give Deputies greater access to critical data needed during their tour of duty.


Add Funds to Inmate's Account Read More»

The Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office and Keefe Commissary Network has implemented a new Cybersuite Correctional Service at the Gadsden County Jail.  This service will allow family and friends to deposit money into inmate accounts in the most efficient and secure manner possible through a Kiosk located in the Lobby at the Gadsden County Jail.